Dragon Fight

Dragon Fight

The game consists of 3 stages each with 5 levels, making a total of 15 levels. Objective..

Hidden Master 4

Hidden Master 4 Hidden Master 4 challenges you to find all 125 hidden objects scattered across a cool painting...

Dresser Disaster Escape

Dresser Disaster Escape Help this girl to arrange all their clothing before mom arrives home! Your mission is to collec..

Cheese Adventure

Cheese Adventure Playing for a mouse get to the royal cheese. Breaking the barriers swipe the mouse across 20 in..

Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Delicious Pumpkin Pie We’ve got the ingredients to make a wonderful pumpkin pie. But we need your help! So head to ..


Weedman This is a simple platform game that contains a heap of useless features:
- Yes, you can go..

Gangnam Fashion

Gangnam Fashion Roberts is going to make an appearance on the stage and is going to sing. He wants to put on th..

Little Painter

Little Painter The little kids have been enjoying enacting the role of little painter. Now you are being reque..

Time Hunter

Time Hunter You obtained the ability of going through time and space in an accident. There are a lot of pre..

Witty Kitchen Escape

Witty Kitchen Escape The chef was really engrossed in making dishes for the banquet and realized too late that he wa..