The DarkMan

The DarkMan

The Dark Man is a challenging game of shooting an apple placed on a man's head with arrows!<..

Save Smileys

Save Smileys

The poor Smiles are in desperate need of your help!

Bot Lair

Bot Lair Help the bot to collect all cogs in challenging lair, sometimes you really have to use your bra..

Cheese Adventure

Cheese Adventure Playing for a mouse get to the royal cheese. Breaking the barriers swipe the mouse across 20 in..

Pirate Bullets

Pirate Bullets The pirates are here... for treasure! They serve as bullets in your cannon! Aim for the best sh..

StickMan Sam 9

StickMan Sam 9 Light your way in this adventure, solve puzzles, avoid enemies and traps.rnCan you survive in t..

Build & Destroy Space

Build & Destroy Space Shoot and do magic, build your tower & destroy your opponent. Challenge your friends live! 3D h..

The Great Greedoss

The Great Greedoss Keep your employees in the office. That's how you make money. Use the arrow keys to move. Press..

Eggs Don’t Bounce

Eggs Don’t Bounce Help defend a peaceful farm from evil boots invasion. Master your egg bouncing techniques throu..


Exoptera Control a water mining bot on planet Mars. Break through the rocks to release water. Pass 20 le..